November 06, 2017

If you've been anywhere near Heidi & Co. in the last few months, you've probably seen the above picture. We absolutely love it, but we wanted to know what all of you thought. So, we ran a photo competition and asked exactly that.

Some of your answers honestly surprised us! Read on to see the results, from the good to the bad!

The Truth Behind Our Competition | Heidi & Co. | 3 Labels 1 Mission

One of you mentioned that you thought the white heels would be crippling! We had to laugh in appreciation at this - most women know the pain of wearing a great pair of heels on a night out only to not be able to walk the next day! But here's why we chose these shoes - they're dirty. Even in the photo, you can tell they've been worn because they're actually from the personal wardrobe of our model, Darcey. We love the realness of this. We see no point in promoting anything other than real women and real life, especially in the age of unattainable Instagram perfection. 

And of course, the other pair of shoes - our favourite Doc Marten Jadon boots - were the focus of most of your comments, ranging from "gothic" to "edgy" to "unimaginative." That range of comments was great to read because the point we're trying to convey with the contrasting shoe choice is that independence in style is a wonderful thing. We love women who aren't afraid to wear what they want whether it's popular or not.

That's why this picture captures our brand perfectly - it shows the range of what we offer and the women we offer our products to. We want to have something for everyone, in terms of both style and price. Alternative is a description we strive for because as an indie brand, we recognise how important it is to break convention. 

More important, however, is staying true to yourself regardless of how corny it sounds. If you want to wear a big white dress to your wedding, do it. If you want to wear DM boots that are larger than life, why not? Hopefully we can help you find the jewellery to accessorise them!

The Truth Behind Our Competition | Heidi & Co. | 3 Labels 1 Mission


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