Jewellery Care

Wearing and Caring for your Heidi & Co. Jewellery

When caring for your item please be aware that moisture, salts and general exposure to pollution encourage the appearance of tarnish, especially on sterling silver. Over time, if unworn or stored against other items of jewellery, tarnish will also develop. It can be removed with a non-abrasive, soft, lint free polishing cloth.

Care should also be taken to keep your gold jewellery separate from other jewellery as any plating is a surface finish so it can be susceptible to wear. If looked after correctly, signs of wear should only occur over a long period of time. Avoid wearing your piece when swimming or bathing, and remove before applying moisturisers as the acids can affect the longevity of the metal. Perfumes, after shaves, fake tan, chlorine and hair products can also have a negative affect so apply before putting on your jewellery.

Any accidental damage or breakage can be repaired at a small charge. The warranty period on 925 sterling silver and 24ct or 18ct gold plated items is 12 months with proof of purchase provided. The warranty period for corded pieces is 6 months with proof of purchase.

Outside of the standard warranty period we offer a restringing service. If your Heidi & Co. piece is elasticated we advise you to get it re-strung from time to time. We also offer resizing and re-plating services should they be required. All restoration is carried out for a nominal fee at our studio (re-plating is based on a combination of weight of the item and surface area).

Please post any repair items via recorded delivery with your original proof of purchase or warranty card to:

Heidico Limited
Croxtons Mill
Little Waltham

If you have any queries about the best way to look after your piece please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to advise you.

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