Circle & Bar Necklace

A 925 sterling silver necklace with circle and bar design that is a favourite of style blogger Amy Rebecca Owen.

Amy says, "what I love about this item is although it is a necklace it can be worn in so many different ways. The chain can be wrapped about the ring as many times as you like therefore allowing it to become shorter or longer depending on what you're wearing it for. It could be a bracelet or could even be worn around your waist with a swimsuit as body jewellery. I am such a sucker for any item that can be manipulated into something totally different to what it is 'supposed' to be for, making this my new favourite accessory."

The circle sits at whichever height you choose and can be wrapped multiple times around the neck, meaning it looks fantastic with plunging necklines or worn as a choker. Packaged in individual Libby May box and all for less than £20. 

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